Bad meditation experience

topic posted Tue, August 12, 2008 - 1:44 PM by  Christopher
Hey All,

I just had a horrific meditation experience during a meditation that works on the aspect of the brain called "the Runner", found in Yogi Bhajans book "the mind - its projections and multiple facets"

The meditation works on past projection; you form a Teepee and place it in front of the torso at the level of the solar plexus and place your focus on the middle of the nose and silently project "Saa Taa Naa Maa"....

I did this meditation (2nd time) for more than 11min and it ended with a tremendous heat and pressure in my head...I thought I was a my question here is:

Has anyone else here had a bad meditation experience??

Has anyone a good idea what to do if this happened again?

I think I´m going to start to do silent meditations from now on...

I am, by the way, 100 % sure that it was my own fault that this happened - lack of concentration, lack of respect for the mantra, or possble due to that I extended the time.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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    Tue, August 12, 2008 - 9:12 PM
    Sat Nam -

    >>Has anyone else here had a bad meditation experience??

    Depends on what you define as "bad." I've had bad memories and emotions come up in meditation and they made me feel very bad at the time, but once the bad feelings flowed through me, I felt much better. Some heat is normal, but I've never felt like I was a "goner."

    >>Has anyone a good idea what to do if this happened again?

    You have to be your own judge, but if you feel like you're a "goner" during a meditation, then I'd strongly suggest you stop immediately. Some of Yogi Bhajan's meditations can be very powerful, and you have to respect them. You may have to build up your strength gradually by starting at a shorter amount of time and working up to the maximum.

    >>lack of concentration, lack of respect for the mantra, or possble due to that I extended the time.

    If the meditation has a specific time indicated - do NOT go over the maximum amount of time. That's one of the major points emphasized in teacher's training.

    Are you doing these meditations in a class with a certified teacher or are you doing this on your own?
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      Wed, August 13, 2008 - 12:42 AM

      I am meditating on my own, as where I live there are no KY classes as taught by Yogi Ji.
      The thing is about this experience is that I guess I needed a "bump on the side" to be more respectful and more patient when it comes to meditation and my personal transformation. Patience pays, as Yogi Ji said.

      Anyway, it was a really bad experience, and I would like to urge anyone reading this to take it slow and be kind to your self and respect the kriya.

      I never thought that a meditation (kriya) could have a negative effect (even though I´ve read about it), but now I guess I know better.

      So, what I´ve learned:

      1. Do not extend the given time.
      2. Learn easier meditations/kriyas before jumping on to the more difficult ones (even though I´ve meditated for over a year)
      3. Be respectful to the inherent power of the mantra (especially the Panj Shabd - Sa Ta Na Ma).

      Okey, that´s all I guess.

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        Wed, August 27, 2008 - 9:17 AM
        Well, there are many ways to meditate as stated in books and such, but i believe one needs a true Guru/master who has perfected the meditation techniques and is capable of empowering/initiating someone. i've met a Guru like that, and have been taught several techniques which includes a divine shield, healing techniques, goal achieving technique, breathing and meditation. Please read on to find out more. By the way, i'm posting this in other tribes as well, and if this isn't the first time you saw/read this post, i'm sorry.

        The Guru's name is Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru . His Divine Grace is the most powerful sitthar on earth right now who is helping common people like us by initiating/ empowering us. "sitthars" are extremely powerful and enlightened beings who normally would not associate themselves with common people like us. They would be living in forests, mountains etc and meditating there. Sitthars are capable of doing absolutely anything. These beings are able to transform themselves into a mountain/ change into an atom/ materialise things from thin air/ walk on water etc - anything at all! There are many enlightened beings like this at this moment, but only this being right now has chosen to come down and help commoners. In the olden times, commoners who would like to be empowered/ initiated by an enlightened being would have to separate themselves from their family members, and go to the jungles, to live there. They would be staying there serving the Guru that they had chosen, washing the Guru's clothes and doing other services for the Guru. However, at the end of the period of time (which is normally 12 years), it's up to the Guru whether he/she would want to empower that particular person with a particular technique, say the divine shield technique etc. In other words, a commoner who goes to the forests to serve the Guru after a period of 12 years MIGHT be blessed with a divine shield if the Guru is pleased with the disciple's work. Also, the disciples are mostly blessed with A particular technique, and not a bunch of them that i've stated. So, the 12 years is cut down to a one-day course now. Amazing, huh? It's truly a blessing if you ask me. I've been a disciple of His Divine Grace since june 2001, and have been seeing miracles happening before my eyes.

        To become a disciple of His Divine Grace, one must attend a programme where he/she would be taught the techniques that i've mentioned earlier. There are no restrictions to take this programme whatsoever, that is, one need NOT become a vegetarian/ quit smoking/ drinking etc if one takes this programme. One would be initiated by His Divine Grace, and would be free to do as he/she pleases. If one practices the techniques taught, one would see miracles happening. This programme would benefit anyone in both, their spiritual AS WELL AS their material life.

        Taking the divine shield technique as an example, can you imagine having a divine shield around you 24/7?? meaning you'd be protected from all kinds of dangers - black magic, murders, voodoo, accidents and so on. As one practices the divine shield technique, the shield gets bigger and stronger over time. Say for example, someone took this programme and practised the divine shield technique, and later he got into an accident. But he only escaped with minor bruises on his face. His whole car was smashed etc, but he escaped unharmed. That is the beginning stage. If one even gets into an accident, he/she is saved..but as i mentioned earlier, as one practices the technique, the divine shield gets stronger and stronger, and those kinda incidents wouldn't happen in the first place.

        I've had countless numbers of experiences by the blessings of my Master. For example, i used to have asthma, and the specialist told me that asthma is a sickness which cannot be cured, but can only be controlled etc. However, after practicing the healing technique, i've been completely cured from it, and am an asthma-free person till today.

        There was this another miracle experienced by another disciple that i know of. He was in the driver seat (with the seat-belt put on), and no one else were there with him at that time. So anyway, as he was driving he got rammed into by a truck and the front part of his car (upto the driver's seat got smashed). The thing was after the accident, the guy realised that he was in the passenger seat (next to the driver seat), with the seat-belt put on. It was like he got transferred from the driver's seat to the passenger's seat before the accident to prevent him from being dead (he sure would have been dead if he was in the driver's seat).

        I could go on and on you see, relating experiences, but i'd move on for now.

        There is a small payment which is Ringgit Malaysia 730 (a site to convert the Malaysian Ringgit currency to whatever currency your country is using: ) that needs to be made. The money goes for all the poojas that His Divine Grace needs to do before initiating a commoner. This is cause before His Divine Grace can initiate a commoner, part of that person's karma must be absorbed first by His Divine Grace. By the way, these poojas are done in several places in the world by this Guru. I believe that another reason why commoners are supposed to pay to enroll themselves in this programme is cause if one gets it free, one would most likely not appreciate it. On the other hand, if one actually pays a certain amount of hard-earned money, he/she would not want the money to be lost uselessly, and would tend to practice the techniques taught. Some people have told me that the Guru is trying to do some money-making schemes here. LOL. Do you know how ironic that is? Considering the fact that beings like this are capable of materialising the money by themselves, out of thin air.

        I once came there's this beautiful quote, which i'd like to share with all of you here: "As we walk on the path of light, we come in touch with the ultimate truth and that ultimate truth is the recognition of being a spirit or soul. We recognize that this human life has a purpose and that the purpose is to not only know ourselves, not only know that we are spirit or soul, but to have our soul merge in God, the source from which we all came. As we understand the purpose of our existence, as we learn the truth, we then try our very best to make that truth available to others."

        So that's exactly what i'm trying to do - spreading the Light/ the good word as i've already seen it working for me. It has worked for thousands of people as well.

        I've told this to many people online before and some of them found it hard to believe, like it's too good to be true or something, but anyway, i feel it's my duty to let everyone know that something like this truly exists.


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    Mon, September 15, 2008 - 8:39 PM
    I think you are one of the luckiest person, who felt such high experiences at the first time of your meditation session.It do happen and i do not find any wrong in it, let it happen ,surrender your self and just be a watcher. Such things and much more strange experiences will do come and it is for your benefit and to remove all your blockages .You need to read more about meditation and awakening from books, it will sure help you out.for further guidance you are most welcome.
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      Thu, September 18, 2008 - 5:04 AM
      Meditation can not be experienced since there is no one to experience it in oneness.
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        Tue, October 28, 2008 - 8:20 AM
        "Meditation can not be experienced since there is no one to experience it in oneness."

        Sure it can, the organism still sits there and observes it's own absorption. These methods of meditation are induced by ego, so it's not so simple to say that the ego is getting rid of the ego. If that was the case, than the first experience of meditation would disolve all karma instantly.
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    Thu, October 16, 2008 - 5:39 PM
    Hi Christopher,
    I am currently practicing kundalini yoga with an instructor here Victoria and my instructor follows the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. I have been practicing for about 7 months now and have not had an experience like the one that you describe. I did have had a huge emotional opening during one meditation that was focused on non-attachment and this meditation opened up a wellspring of tears and sadness for me that left me feeling quite vulnerable and emotionally raw for a couple of days. I think it was probably good that this happened although it wasn't pleasant.

    This week we did a meditation like the one that you mentioned and we extended it to 11 minutes...this was after doing the same meditation last week for 7 minutes. My instructor had suggested that when you do a meditation for the length of time suggested by Yogi Bhajan, that this is when there can be noticable movement/breakthrough. It was suggested after assessing the class that we were all ready for this...from my perspective (as a novice in Kundalini...I am definitely still learning) I am wondering if you could try shortening the meditation or find a good instructor to practice with locally. Are you in the Victoria area?

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      Tue, November 25, 2008 - 12:05 PM
      Hi Sarah,

      Thank you for the post,

      I am in the "europe area" ;) Gdansk, Poland.

      By the way, I haven´t tried this meditation since that episode, but it gave me a valuable lesson; don´t force the Kundalini Shakti, she will rise when the time is right.



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